Themed Treasure Hunts

We offer a range of exiting themed Treasure Hunts which add an interesting and intriguing layer to your event. Some are perfect for a business looking to link work to the event, for example Logos of London is ideal for an advertising agency or London Architecture for anyone involved in buildings. The events are always top quality and always fun.

Corporate Treasure Hunt

Our Corporate Treasure Hunt is designed for company groups. It is very flexible and you can choose the level of difficulty. Sometimes clients want a challenge, other times they just want to visit a few pubs on the way. We can also build in team building, leadership and other useful business linked benefits. It's a matter of nuance and doing it in such a way that it's still fun and not corny, unless you want a David Brent in The Office themed event whcih we could do and which would be a lot of fun!

London Treasure Hunts

London events include James Bond, Limo Treasure Hunt, Logos of London, London Architecture, London Taxi Treasure Hunt and Rhyming Slang. We are always open to hearing your ideas for this eclectic city so please do let us know if you want something different.

Speedboat Treasure Hunt

we can offer Rib Treasure Hunts in exciting speedboats on The Thames and The Solent on the South Coast. We have access to a matched fleet of more that 30 stunning top of the range inflatable boats.

Other Themes

Other themes include Spy Themed Event, Time Traveller Event, Christmas and Birthday Treasure Hunts where we personalise the content to the person celebrating which makes it very special.

Treasure Hunt Events
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