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Treasure Hunts are popular as a team building activity because they achieve the result naturally (you don't have to contrive a situation) and people really enjoy taking part in them. The event is fun, but teams also have to work together to achieve tasks within the time given. We also have a Murder Mystery themed event which is very popular as a team building activity, and other themes that you can see on the menu on the right.

Typically the activity lasts for two or three hours. Much more than that and people will get tired. We often start at client offices and finish at a convenient bar. We can run this event at locations all over the UK and further afield in Europe.

How It Works

An event manager will brief the teams and give them each a bag containing a set of clues and a digital camera. The hunt comprises clues in various locations, 10 photos which must be taken and 10 items to be collected. The event manager will tell teams to take as many pictures as they like as, in the event of a draw, the team who have the best photos will win.

You always get some great photos which you can use in your office after the event (we send you them all afterwards). People will be looking at them for months and this extends the team building benefits.

The teams then meet at the chosen bar where the event manager will mark their packs and award the winning team members each with a good quality medal. These are usually worn with pride for the rest of the day!

Treasure Hunts are a great way to have a day out of the office having fun. They are an adventure for the participants who will all come back with stories about the fun they had and the situations they got into and this makes them very personal and unique. They are also very competitively priced.


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