Team Building

Treasure Hunts are one of the most naturally team building activities that you can take part in. There is a challenge comprising many things to do, including taking photos, collecting things and answering questions. There is also a limited time in which all of it, or as much of it as the team can do, must be completed. So, the challenge is real and not contrived. The team must work together to earn as many points as possible and success will depend on teamwork.

Often the challenges that people undertake at work are not so clear, or can only be measured over weeks or months. So, taking part in an event in a short period of time when success can be measured is motivating and will boost team spirit, particularly because the activity is fun and enjoyable.

The Power Of Photographs

The word event essentially means a 'moment in time'. One of the challenges of successful team building is to make the positive effects on the group lasting. It's all very well having a lovely day but how do you make that feeling last when you're back at work? The photographs that the team take are of paramount importance.

In the initial briefing teams are told that there are 10 photos that need to be taken but that they have a digital camera and can take more. In the event of a draw the team who had the most fun in their photos will be the winners. This means that we get plenty of fun shots and these last for a long time as a reminder of a fun day.

Often with team building events some people will enjoy them and others not so much so. You might love the idea of riding a quad bike, but others may be less enthusiastic. Treasure Hunts are much the same as visiting somewhere as a tourist and that has a more universal appeal. Anyone who organises events will know that it's impossible to please everyone but this event has a better chance than most.

We are, perhaps unsurprisingly, enthusiastic about the effectiveness of our Treasure Hunts as a team building activity. However, that is because of the proof of years of seeing their positive effect.

Treasure Hunt Events
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