International Treasure Hunts

A Treasure Hunt is an ideal way of exploring a city if you are there on a conference or event or if you are planning a family gathering. We also run our events for stag and hen parties where the aim is for something a little more sophisticated than the typical offering.

Popular City Locations

London is always popular as a location. We also run many events in Paris where we base ourselves around the Louvre and Tuileries gardens. This location can support a good two hour event without needing to get onto the Metro which is a preference for many. If you want to extend the event then a very pleasant walk along the Seine will take you to Notre Dame.

Dublin is renowned for its hospitality and has some of the friendliest people in the world. Barcelona is beautiful but crime is rife so it's important to keep you in the safer locations. Istanbul is an amazing location; we are lucky enough to run a few Treasure Hunts there each year and it's a wonderful way of exploring.

For history Rome is a great location and for sheer beauty Prague should not be missed.

Treasure Hunts - Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere

If you are interested in a location that is not featured on our website do give us a call. Anywhere is possible, we just haven't got round to putting the World on our website ... yet.

Treasure Hunt Events
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