Rome Treasure Hunt

For a Treasure Hunt Rome is an ideal location because many of the sights that it is most famous for are close enough together in the ancient part of the city that they can all be included in a route on foot.

Rome is, rightly, considered one of the greatest cities in the world. Every year, it draws hundreds of thousands of visitors. They come to experience the history, the beauty, the culture, and the unbeatable atmosphere.

Rome is, of course, one of Europe's most ancient cities, and its rich historical heritage is visible everywhere you go. Ruins, ancient Roman buildings, statues, plaques, artworks - evidence of Rome's past is everywhere. From the towering majesty of things like the Collosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Pantheon, to more recent (relatively speaking!) marvels like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, Rome is possibly more crammed with historical art and architecture than anywhere else in the world. Culture vultures and history fans will be absolutely spoiled for choice.

Rome - the cultural location

Italy in general, and Rome in particular, were major players in the Rennaisance of the Early Modern period. This is reflected in Rome's current glut of art and cultural attractions. The Borghese Gallery houses an outstanding collection of ancient and Rennaisance artworks (and is usually less crowded than some of Rome's more well-known museums and galleries). Within Vatican City, some of the world's most precious artworks can be seen, including Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling, as well as many of the wonders and riches collected and commissioned by the Catholic Church over the centuries.

Rome is not just a repository of history, however. It's also a thoroughly modern city, with a healthy cultural pulse and lots in the way of commerce and nightlife. The world's biggest designer labels all maintain shop fronts here, and it's not unusual to see the rich and famous heading for fittings at Armani or Gucci. Rome has a thriving social scene, and there's always fun to be had at the many bars and clubs. Not to mention the fantastic Italian food on offer - ice cream will never taste the same again once you have tried Roman gelati!

Beautiful, historic, and lots of fun, you could spend years in Rome and still never exhaust its possibilities. This is a truly stunning city, with an atmosphere like no other in the world, and perfect for a memorable and enjoyable Treasure Hunt.

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