Amsterdam Treasure Hunt

Amsterdam is a vibrant and exciting location for a Treasure Hunt. Start and finish locations are flexible, as are timings. We might start at the hotel where you are staying and finish at a bar or restaurant.​

Known for its easygoing attitude and liberal lifestyle, historic Amsterdam is one of Europe's most popular city destinations. This beautiful city, with its sparkling canals, brightly blooming window boxes, and vibrant atmosphere, provides a visit to remember.

Amsterdam is famed for its nightlife, but there's plenty to do here in the daytime, as well. Amsterdam has an incredibly rich cultural heritage, with artists, writers, musicians, poets, world leaders, philosophers, scientists, and figures of immense historical importance all having left their mark on the city. Many great people have walked these cobbled streets.

Amsterdam Attractions

For the art connoisseur, there's a glut of choice here. The Van Gogh museum (as the name suggests) honours the work of one of the Netherlands' most famous (and tragic) sons. Then there's the Rijksmuseum - newly opened after an extensive renovation - which brings the visitor face to face with tastefully housed and beautifully curated works of the Old Masters. Rembrandt, Vermeer, and the like are displayed at their best here, in the capital of their home nation. For the lover of modern art, the Stedelijk Museum (shaped like a bathtub) offers more modern works, including pieces by Matisse, Cezzane, and Picasso.

For the eager photographer (or, in fact, anyone with an eye for a lovely aesthetic), Amsterdam offers hundreds of lovely views. The canals and waterways are hundreds of years old, and have definitely grown in charm with their age! The ancient stone bridges and the sunshine glittering on the water make a pleasant backdrop against which to while away a lazy afternoon. If you visit in winter, you may even get to skate on them. Then there's the famous flower market which, even if you're not tempted to buy, is a beautiful delight for every sense.

If you've worked up an appetite, Amsterdam is certainly not short of excellent places to eat. The city is currently undergoing something of a craft beer boom, and there are plenty of small breweries offering light lunches alongside delicious Dutch beer. Bars, cafes, restaurants, street food, takeaway - anything and everything you could possibly desire in the way of food can be found here.

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