Berlin Treasure Hunt

Our Berlin Treasure Hunt usually starts at your hotel or we can arrange to meet at another convenient location. The end point is usually a bar or restaurant. However, our service is bespoke so it is very flexible.

The central Tiergarten is a good location for a Treasure Hunt, and from there we can include sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Cathedral, the Reichstag Building and Potsdamer Platz in an event on foot, so public transport is not essential.

Berlin Overview

Berlin has an incredible past. Besieged, bombed, split into pieces, home to one of the most terrifying regimes the world has ever known, fought over by rival superpowers, and now a haven for the arts, Berlin's past is chequered to say the least. The city today stands as a wonderful testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and our power to recover. Today, visitors can enjoy a culturally diverse, artistically rich, historically fascinating city with a definite buzz about it.

Until relatively recently, the city of Berlin was split between the Western and Eastern superpowers - its differing sections kept apart by a wall which came to symbolise oppressive division. The Berlin Wall was breached, and the city united, in the 90s, but sections of the Wall are currently maintained both as reminders of what the city has been through, and a reminder of what people can overcome. Visitors can walk the route of the Berlin Wall, seeing sections of the Wall along the way, and getting plenty of opportunities to view exhibitions, sculptures, and information boards about the Wall and its history.

Both historically and currently, Berlin has been known as a haven for artists, musicians, and creatives. Famously, the Beatles and other groups of their era gained much of their formative musical experience in Berlin. The city has hosted a legion of great writers, musicians, poets, and actors. Today, the city's thriving cultural scene is hard to miss. The city is filed with art of all kinds, much of which can be experienced completely for free, on the streets or in the vibrant bars.

People looking for a different kind of cultural experience can enjoy the city's many museums and historical buildings. The Pergemon Museum houses the entire front aspect of an ancient Babylonian city, as well as more or less the entire interior of an Ancient Greek Temple. The Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, meanwhile, are incredible examples of historical architecture (and make for some fantastic photos, particularly when floodlit).

Berlin is a truly special city, with an absolutely unbeatable atmosphere and a Treasure Hunt can help your to experience it in a fun way

Treasure Hunt Events
Twin Oaks Lodge, Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LS