London Treasure Hunt

Our London Treasure Hunt is a fun and engaging multi-task team building activity which takes teams around interesting areas of historical, evolving London. We have various themes including a Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt.

There are regular starting and finishing locations where teams can relax and enjoy a drink at the end of the challenge. However, we're very flexible and can start and finish almost anywhere and at a time to suit you. There's a growing trend for starting the Treasure Trail at your offices and finishing at a bar, pub or restaurant.

A London Treasure Hunt consists of challenges in a variety of locations, a list of photos to be taken and a scavenger hunt list; things to collect along the way.You will also meet our legendary characters while exploring London. Where some team building can feel contrived this is naturally collaborative.

London Treasure Hunt Stories

One of the great outcomes of this experience is the stories that are created. The room where everyone meets at the end of the game will be a hubbub of noise as people share the stories of what happened during their time exploring London's fun and interesting sights.

There is a mixture of history, interesting facts and a lot of fun. Participants enjoy finding things out about London but it's the photographs which are the highlight and these are often kept as souvenirs.

Usually a Treasure Hunt will last for half a day, say 2 pm until 5 pm or after work in the evening. However, we will fit in with your itinerary so it can be longer or shorter.

Some of the best locations that we cover are Tower Hill, Covent Garden, Fleet Street, Southwark, The City of London, St Paul's, The West End, Soho and Smithfield Market. We also cover London's parks, for example Hyde Park and Regents Park. These are just some of the locations available and we can cover anywhere that you like. Canary Wharf has its own very enjoyable event.

Treasure Hunts can be on foot, on the Underground, in Limos or ...

The London Taxi Treasure Hunt

In our London Taxi Treasure Hunt each team has its own Black Cab complete with a specially chosen friendly driver who will look after them throughout the day, without helping them too much.

The Black Cab London Treasure Hunt enables us to use a larger event footprint, covering more locations around London. Teams receive a pack and may take a map if you want them to avoid the usual technology.

Other modes of transport include limos and even speedboats on The Thames.

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'Everyone loved it and talked about it for weeks.'
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