Cathedral City Treasure Hunt

It's a common misconception that the thing that makes a town a city is the presence of a Cathedral. In fact there is much more to the selection process than that. There are currently 66 cities in England, and not all of them have a Cathedral.

Our selection process for Cathedral City treasure hunt writing is simply that the location is interesting. That means that we can write treasure hunts pretty much anywhere, but some locations are better than others. Some of our favourite UK locations are London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge and Winchester.

What Happens?

At first glance the phrase cathedral city treasure hunt may sound a bit dull, or even like a brand of cheese. However, it's simply a location and we do not have to focus the event on local history. Themed events can be run, for example a Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt or you may have to find Wally in our Where's Wally event.

Cathedral Facts

A cathedral may not be in a city but every cathedral has a bishop.

Cathedral architecture styles include Romanesque, Gothic and Medieval.

There are always some really great pubs near a cathedral. These will be included in the event for their interesting features and, yes, a refreshing drink.

Many of these locations have interesting ghost stories and features such as hidden skulls and messages in stained glass.

Cathedral City in one of the UK's favourite cheeses, and a brand of Cheddar that goes well with pickle.

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