Manchester Treasure Hunt

Manchester is considered by many to be Britain's 2nd city, although Birmingham has been putting up a good fight with its recent regeneration.

Because the centre of Manchester is very compact it can be explored in a fairly short period of time, making it an ideal Treasure Hunt location. There is the cool Northern Quarter, townie Deansgate, Castlefield and Deansgate Locks and posh King Street. We will choose the best route based on your office location or where you're staying. Start and finish locations are flexible to suit you.

Treasure Hunt Format

As always our Manchester Treasure Hunt event is very flexible. It usually lasts for two or three hours and your group is divided into teams. Each team will have a bag containing clues, a camera and a pen. There will be around a dozen location clues (things to spot), 10 photogrpahs to be taken and 10 items to collect from our Scavenger list. 

We finish at a suitable location, always with a bar, where packs are marked and the winners announced and presented with our bling medals.

Corporate & Private Manchester Treasure Hunt

Manchester is perfect when it comes to being one of the most popular destinations in the UK to play host to one of our widely popular treasure hunt experiences. As the UK’s second city, there is no denying that Manchester is an easy location to transform into a playground for those in need of a little competitive adventure! If you are looking for a unique way to improve the dynamics in your team through team building exercises that will double up as offering lasting memories for your group, then our Manchester treasure hunt is perfect for you.

Our Manchester treasure hunt is ideal for those looking to have some fun after work or as a great alternative to hosting private events. We tailor your Manchester treasure hunt to follow a route that suits you best (staring at your chosen venue and ending at your preferred location) and for a time frame that works for you! The beauty of our Manchester treasure hunts is that they are a fantastic, all-inclusive way to get people involved in losing their inhibitions and partake in some healthy competition! For a high quality treasure hunt challenge that incorporates all the best that Manchester has to offer, check out our popular treasure hunt service.

How many train stations are there in Manchester?



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