Birmingham Treasure Hunt

Birmingham is a very good location for a Treasure Hunt with plenty of history, interesting buildings and locations and always lots going on. There's The Bull Ring with the iconic Selfridges Building, Centenary Square and Council House to take in, among many other sights, and plenty of sculptures.

Birmingham City centre is also largely pedestrianised, so it's a very safe location for teams. There is plenty of history around and the shopping centres offer tantalising clue gathering opportunities.

Our Treasure Trail challenge includes clues to solve in various locations around the city, a list of photographs which must be taken (we provide digital cameras for each team) and a list of items which must be 'Scavenged' (collected without payment). Teams will interact with locals while doing this which is always great fun.

Birmingham Treasure Hunt is one of our most popular city locations for a Treasure Hunt. We can start and finish at your hotel or offices or at one of the many bars in the city. Typically the event lasts for two or three hours but the city centre is very compact so we can even arrange a one hour high tempo experience.

Our Birmingham Christmas Treasure Hunt takes in the famous Frankfurt Market and includes The Legend of The Naughty Gnome.

Corporate & Private Birmingham Treasure Hunt

Commonly referred to as the Venice of the North due to its vast network of canals, Birmingham has a lot to offer corporate and private groups on the hunt for a challenge and adventure! Our specially designed Birmingham treasure hunt offers you and your party the chance to explore the city in a new and exciting way. If you are looking for a way to spice up your average corporate night out, consider booking a Birmingham treasure hunt to really keep your colleagues on their toes. Test your team’s knowledge and skills in a way that encourages creative competition, for a unique and exciting corporate activity.

Team building activities are often viewed as being cheesy and boring, which is why we have taken the time to compose a fun way to strengthen your team’s dynamics by completing exciting tasks to motivate and encourage your crew to think outside the box! Our Birmingham treasure hunt is guaranteed to have your colleagues laughing and pushing their comfort zones on the quest for treasure in the bustling city centre. We arrange your treasure hunt experience around you and your team so that you can be sure of a bespoke service that suits your needs. What can be more fun than an evening of thrilling exploration with our Birmingham treasure hunt?

What do locals call the bull in the photo?



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