Treasure Hunt Characters

We can add characters to your event which will give teams extra challenges when they are found. Examples include Planksie, the graffiti artist, who asks teams to join him in a daubing that you can put up at your office after the event if you wish. WD40, the mysterious Russian agent, is a master of disguise and sticks out like a sore thumb in even the busiest locations on our spy themed events. If the theme is James Bond then WD40 is his mortal enemy, and you can expect counter-espionage.

Juan Manband

The legend that is Juan Manband can be spotted in the photo. He likes to organise flash mob Mexican waves involving random members of the public, tourists and anyone who happens to be passing. He asks teams to help him to enlist people and here he is breaking a record with a hard working team on the steps of St Paul's.

We have a range of characters and we can create them to suit your theme. We use professional actors who really get into character and this can add a lot of fun to your event and a great deal of colour to the stories that you will all tell afterwards. Photographs and stories are one of the reasons why our events are perfect for team building.

Treasure Hunt Events
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