Spy Themed Treasure Hunt

The spy theme works exceedingly well when applied to the Treasure Hunt format. Participants take on the name of famous spies from the movies. Austin Powers and James Bond are the obvious contenders, but can you tell us who Sir Godfrey Tibbets was?

Top Secret Spy Activities

Teams may find themselves stopping at shopping centres along their route, following shady characters into travel agents to overhear which global locations they are arranging to travel to. Dead letter drops will feature in the adventure and you will, of course, find yourself swapping top secret documents on park benches.

We have a unique game called Secrets which is part of our Spy event. Each team starts off with a slelection of secrets and they meet with the other teams around the route to trade secrets to maximise their advantage. Naturally these meetings must be very discrete in case your are spotted by enemy agents.

Fun is high on the agenda and we find that disguises really add to this, particularly with the photos that you will keep after the event. However, if you want something a little more serious we are experts in the history of espionage in the city and particularly 007 in our James Bond Treasure Hunt. Tell us how you want your event to be and we will pitch it appropriately.

'You did a great job and we will be using you again.'
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