The Time Traveler Event

We have two very interesting events in our Time Traveler series. In each case we have authentic maps of London from a bygone time. Teams are given a copy of this map as if they had traveled back in time and must navigate modern London searching for clues using it as a reference. How times have changed!

1902 Time Traveler

The 1902 map shows railways, tram routes, prominent buildings, workhouses and factories. It even has the early tube system. Much of what you see you will recognise from modern London, but much is different. Sometimes the differences are subtle and on other occasions you'll feel as though you're in a different place.

1843 Time Traveler

This event is really interesting. You will use one of the earliest street maps of London, designed for passengers travelling by Hansom Cab. This is a London of a deeply romantic age before cars when canals were in full use and docks such as West India Import handled trade from around the world from what is now Canary Wharf.

Does your team have what it takes to travel back in time more than one and a half centuries?


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