Bespoke Treasure Hunt

Some occasions call for a very special event, and our bespoke Treasure Hunt offering fits the bill. You send us information on a person whose birthday you are celebrating, or the bride to be whose hen do you are organising and we will weave personalised information and challenges into the route of the event.

This can be a complete secret for the recipient and it is always well received. It can be fairly simple, for example if someone loves skiing then one of the challenges would be to pick up a brochure for a holiday that the person would enjoy. It is a great experience if you want to get to know someone better, adding a human treasure hunt element.

One memorable hen do hunt was held in the town where the bride grew up. Many of the challenges involved memories from her childhood, for example taking a picture of the team queuing up outside the chip shop that she used to queue outside with her grandparents. It was an emotional day as well as being great fun and the photos are now cherished keepsakes.

This is just one example of how we can create a bespoke treasure hunt and make it a really special occasion full of memories that will last a lifetime backed up by treasured photographs.

Corporate bespoke Treasure Hunts also work very well, and you can find out more of our events with objectives page.

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