London Architecture Treasure Hunt

Our London architecture themed Treasure Hunt has proven very popular with property companies and architects. For centuries London has grown, evolved and developed in all directions. Like any capital city, London has opened itself up to a multitude of architectural styles over the years, from churches built in the 17th century to the ultra-modern skyscrapers, London is truly a city that parades its proud history within its ever-changing skyline.

London has had an eclectic past. It’s that rich history that is symbolised by the wide spectrum of its buildings. No single overriding style has reached prominence in London. The city and its buildings have ebbed and flowed in line with its broad range of residents and traders as its importance grew within the country and world as a whole.

Like any capital city, there are some buildings that make London instantly recognisable. Arguably the most famous of these are the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and its bell tower housing Big Ben. Designed by Sir Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin in 1870, it became a masterpiece of gothic revival. It isn’t by accident that Parliament sits where it does. Over 900 years previously it formed part of King Canute’s seat of power. With its complex sweep of towers, crenellations and steeples, no other home of Government is more instantly recognisable. It’s worth noting that the bell tower isn’t called Big Ben; that’s the name of the Great Bell at its heart. The tower itself, since 2012 and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, has been called Elizabeth Tower.

The other building sharing iconic status amongst London’s landmarks is St. Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Its famous dome not only symbolises the pinnacle of his career, but also the country’s fleeting dalliance with Baroque architecture. Both beautiful and imposing, the cathedral has been a part of the London skyline since 1710 and has housed wedding and funerals for the great and the good.

Perhaps no building illustrates both Britain’s rich industrial history and our architectural heritage better than Battersea Power Station. Despite laying dormant for the last 3 decades, its oil-fired chimneys were once a beacon of productive energy generation across the city. Now owned by a Malaysian property consortium with plans to develop it, the station remains a fascinating reminder of our nations history. Its four chimneys are as strikingly recognisable as they were useful.

As we reach the modern era, the latest addition to the capital’s skyline is The Shard. This glass-clad, tripod-shaped building has transformed the view across London from almost every angle. It’s the tallest building in the European Union, standing 310 metres high. It displays the talent of architect Renzo Piano for all to see and belies the cutting-edge engineering processes at work to make it shine, whatever the British weather can through at it. The views from it’s observation decks are truly stunning.

These are some of the larger architectural landmarks of London, but there are also plenty of smaller but no less fascinating things to see. We have a range of themed treasure hunts and if this subject interests your company then we can promise an event experience that is both great fun and fascinating.

London is full of stunning examples of architecture, so we have written a Treasure Hunt that is fun and engaging and covers this fascinating subject.

The route takes in locations such as Bank and St Paul's with features such as domes with oculi, stone porticos and that world famous bascule bridge with two lifting leaves.

The London Architecture Treasure Hunt is ideal for team building and client entertainment for any company interested in architecture.

The Main Theme or just a Taste

We have a complete event dedicated to this theme or, if you just want a bit of an architectural flavour, we can include it as two or three clues.

We can create themed Treasure Hunts in any city around the world and undertake special commissions. Please contact us for further information.


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