Spotting Celebrities

We no longer offer a London Celebrity Hunt, following our informal agreement with the police. We maintained from the start that we were not actually stalking the celebrity in question, but it's probably best not to make a fuss.

However ... one of our Treasure Hunt challenges is to take a photo of a celebrity and teams usually have to be a bit creative, but occasionally we manage to find a real one. It's easier on our London Treasure Hunt if you know where to look.

Spotted So Far...

Rick Wakeman was found by a delighted team and was pleased to stop for a few words. 

Duncan Bannatyne. The clue was looking for a rare bird in St James Park when they found this dragon and managed to collect points for two challenges. Duncan was charming and happy to pose for a photo.

London Mayors; Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson have both been spotted in the street and were happy to stop for the team. Now that Boris is PM we might struggle to get as close.

Robert Sheehan from Misfits was happy to chat with the first team who found him but unfortunately three teams managed to track him down and he was ... less charming ... with the last one. Luckily they thought it was very funny; being sworn at by a celeb is a great story.

Johnny Depp. Unfortunately the photo was too blurry to be sure. We think this team was trying to pull a fast one. Null points.

We recently added Gok Wan, strolling through Chinatown, and Myleene Klass to our headcount. This team blagged their way into a radio station!


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