Chinatown Treasure Hunt

Originally Chinatown was in the East End of London, in Limehouse. The Chinese population centred themselves there because of the work available in Docklands and because of the Chinese sailors who regularly visited. The modern Chinatown, just off Shaftesbury Avenue, was established in the 1970s. It is now a colourful, vibrant area that feels different to the rest of London because of the typically Chinese decorations.

A Colourful Unique Location

Because of that different feel Chinatown is one of our regular Treasure Hunt locations. Often it is a place to visit between Covent Garden and Soho. There are Chinese supermarkets (with interesting vegetables according to the photo), souvenir shops and some of the most authentically Asian restaurants available. You can finish your event at one of these and they are always great value for money.

Chinatown Facts

There are currently 79 restaurants, 53 shops and 14 bars and pubs in Chinatown, although the numbers change regularly.

A green plaque in Gerrard Street commemorates the first Penny Post office in Westminster, which was opened in 1794. The Green Plaque scheme was launched in 1991 in Westminster to draw attention to particular buildings of interest.

The large Chinese gate in Wardour Street is new this year, following an an appeal by the local Chinese community to raise the funds required.

There are nearly 125,000 Chinese people living in London, many of them living and working in Chinatown.

Contact us for further details on our London Treasure Hunts which can include this truly unique location.

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