Soho Treasure Hunt

Soho is contained within the boundaries of Oxford Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, Charing Cross Road and Regent Street. Chinatown is south of Shaftesbury Avenue but many consider it part of Soho and we certainly accept that in the context of our Treasure Hunts because it adds fun and colour.

Soho was once considered to be a fairly seedy area of London but, to be fair, that has changed in recent years and it now has a lot to offer in terms of variety and nightlife. For teams who want to have a lot of fun then it's an excellent choice.

The History of Soho

Soho was recently known for more salacious activities but the area has a long and fascinating history. In ancient mythology gold was beaten by a mysterious giant and a modern replica of his arm, holding a hammer, protrudes from a wall down a hidden alley. In this same alley church organs were once made.

The Pillar of Hercules public house first opened on its present site in 1733 and it is mentioned in Dickens' Tale of Two Cities. The current building dates from 1935 and is a favourite meeting place of famous writers including Ian McEwan and Martin Amis. In fact Soho is one of our most successful celebrity spotting locations.

Our Soho Treasure Hunt is a fascinating way to explore this well known and exciting area. It can be a standalone event lasting two or three hours or it can be one of several locations on our London Treasure Hunt. Contact us for further information.

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