Shoreditch Treasure Hunt

Shoreditch. along with neighbouring Hoxton, is now a very trendy area of London and the two locations combine to offer a really superb Treasure Hunt play area. There is no shortage of vibrant restaurants and other venues where we can start and finish an event.

The origin of the name Shoreditch supports a few different theories. The least glamourous holds that it comes from the old English for 'sewer ditch'. Another idea raises the game slightly, claiming that it comes from 'shore ditch', the shore being an ancient riverbank. Some say that it was named after Jane Shore, a mistress of Edward IV, while antiquarian John Weever says that the area was named after a local lord of the manor called Sir John de Soerdich.

We explore some of the history of the area, while experiencing the fun and colour of such locations as Brick Lane Market, Old Street and Shoreditch High Street with its plethora of independent shops. The current Curtain Theatre stands on the site of London's first building dedicated to the performance of plays nearly 500 years ago.

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