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We can include any London location in your event. London has been described as a collection of towns and villages brought together as one city, and that is a very apt description. There are many of these different locations in central London and then, as we come out of the city, more still. Each has its own character and it is great fun exploring different locations.

Our service is bespoke, so we will take into account where you want to start and finish as well as your transport choices; on foot, public transport, London taxis or limos. We then put together the ideal route and run your event for you. You can make suggestions on this, but it's best to give us an idea of the type of locations that appeal and let the day be a complete surprise.

What We Look For

Our Treasure Hunts are fun and interesting. The challenge is to make sure that they cannot simply be solved while sitting in a pub or coffee shop, and Google makes this a big challenge. We have to look around in the nooks and crannies of an area to find interesting clues. One way to do this is to look up and down, as we tend to walk around noticing what is at eye level, and most photographs found online are taken from this perspective. There is a whole new London around you when you look up and down, taking care not to walk into lamp posts!


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