London Taxi Treasure Hunt

Try our London Treasure Hunt from the comfort of your team's personal black cab. Seating up to five people (although we recommend four) these vehicles are ideal for exploring London and we choose our cabbies for their friendliness and suitability for a fun experience.

The taxi acts as a base for your team, so you find the location of your clue and jump out to find it while your taxi waits for you. We actually make these events slightly more challenging than the typical hunt because you have one added advantage not usually present, and it's a powerful one; your cabbie has 'The Knowledge'!

London Treasure Hunt Route

London has been described as a collection of towns and villages linked together, and each has its own specific feel and culture. The city is actually made up of 33 municipalities, each the size of a small city.

When you're on the roads rather than on foot or using the underground choosing the right locations is of paramount importance. You need to be able to see interesting sights which are accessible through London's network of back roads, rather than spending your time stuck in traffic.

We typically keep to more central locations, and your Treasure Hunt may take you to such locations as Soho, Covent Garden and St Paul's. However, it's all very flexible so if you have a specific location that is not central or other requirements we can make it happen.

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