Corporate Scavenger Hunts

Some people call this event a Treasure Hunt and others call it a Scavenger Hunt. The scavenging element comes from collecting items and we have a really good list of items that will challenge your team and ensure lots of fun.

We have been running our Scavenger Hunts for corporate clients for 25 years, so we know what is important and how to give you the event that meets all of your objectives.

Our service is completely flexible, so timings and locations will suit you. We often start our events off at clients' offices and finish at a convenient pub or bar. We can organise this for you using the contacts that we have built up and know venues that will welcome your group.

A Bespoke Event Experience

Scavenger Hunts are a natural team building experience, and we can make sure that this outcome is covered without changing the emphasis from fun. If you have other business themes we can include these, for example engagement and collaboration. We can also cover product launches. Whatever you need we can make sure that it is included.

The event itself is professionally managed so, even if you are the organiser, you can relax and enjoy it yourself. Your Event Manager starts the teams off, welcomes them back and presents medals to the winning team.


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Treasure Hunt Events
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