40th Birthday Ideas

It doesn't have to be a 40th, it can be any special occasion, however our personalised Treasure Hunts do seem to be a very popular idea for people looking to celebrate their landmark birthdays.

Gather your family and friends together in a convenient location, for example Brighton, London or even Paris. We will create a personalied Treasure Hunt that includes questions and locations relevant to you. It's a very personal and memorable experience and the photos that your group takes will be treasured souvenirs of a wonderful day.

Birthday Treasure Hunts

The event lasts for half a day; morning, afternoon or evening. The cost is £950 for a completely bespoke event and this includes a personalised clue pack, photo challenge, digital camera for each team, two costumed characters on the route and medals for the winning team. We carry full insurance.

We have various venues where we start and finish and, provided you buy at least a round of coffee, they don't charge a fee.

Our DIY Treasure Hunt packs can also be used and these cost just £150. This is a different sort of event but still extremely enjoyable and you will still get the very important photographs to treasure.


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