Treasure Hunt FAQs

What is included?

Treasure hunts usually comprise three elements:

1. Clues in three or four locations around the area.

2. A Photo Challenge of fun shots and themed shots to link in with the event objectives

3. A Scavenger List challenge of 10 items to collect as the teams progress

Each team is given a kit bag containing clues, a map, a pen and a digital camera. The photos will be sent to the client afterwards and they are useful for social media, newsletters and other applications. There are always some very funny shots among them. If there is a dinner in the evening after an event the photos can be shown on a projector and screen.

How long do treasure hunts take?

Usually the event lasts for three hours, although this is flexible.

Do you offer bespoke content?

Yes. Events can be written to specific themes or to meet business objectives. We do this with a light touch so it doesn't feel contrived or corny and you don't sacrifice the fun of the experience.

What about GPS?

We can arrange this but we don't recommend it for several reasons. First of all GPS can be unreliable and if it doesn't work the whole event will grind to a halt. While it's better in city centres these days it's still not 100%.

It also doesn't allow full flexibility. We have a few tricks, for example picturing specific clocks at specific times and each time is different for each team. This means that they will cross paths rather than follow each other around, which makes for a better event and is immense fun (lots of attempts at sabotage, for example).

Finally, in our experience, people like a day away from staring at a screen.

What about insurance and risk?

We have full insurance and risk assessments which can be sent. This event has been assessed as low risk with traffic being the primary concern, which we take steps to minimise.

Treasure Hunt Events
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