Make your events relevant

The Treasure Hunt format is a natural team building event because the team has to achieve specific results in a limited period of time. The better they work as a team the more points they will score. It also lends itself to such objectives as leadership.

The format can also achieve other business objectives because they can be built into the photo and scavenger challenges. For example, one of John Lewis’ three strategic aims is to ‘realise market potential’. One of the photographs that teams take could be ‘An example of someone realising market potential’. Some of the photos taken will be fun, but others will contain insights. In doing this the teams also work with a key principle and this will increase their connection with it.

The key is to make this as natural as possible so it does not feel contrived. The method is not to overdo it and not to sacrifice the fun. A few points, well executed, within a fun event can be very useful to a business.

The objectives and learning used can be completely flexible. It is more meaningful to everyone when the objectives match those that people are engaged with in your business. You can tell us what you want to achieve or we can revert to more generic, but still very useful, objectives such as improved teamwork, leadership and having fun together (social team bonding if you must!).

Your event will be overseen by an experienced facilitator who can deliver an enjoyable event which will meet your business objectives. Visit our website for more information on our Treasure Hunts.


Treasure Hunt Events
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