Photography is a very important part of our Treasure Hunt. Teams have a digital camera as part of their treasure hunt pack and they have 10 photos in their clues which must be taken. There’s a lot of artistic licence involved, so one of them might be ‘Teamwork’ or even a colour. What will they do to represent ‘Blue’?

In the briefing we tell teams that they can earn bonus points for the quality of their photos. So, instead of just standing there and saying cheese they should decide what they want o portray in the photo before they take it. They may be acting something out or it may just be a case of having as much fun as possible – definitely no cheese faces!

The photos are important because they make the positive feeling created by the event last. They are often put up around the office or used in newsletters. Teams can look back on the photos as a record of their day months and even years afterwards.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

The photo above is one of our favourites. The team have really made the most out of the opportunity and they have managed to get a bunch of Christmas elves to join them. There are even members of the public in the background and a bubble gun adding bubbles to the shot. One of our favourite features in the lady passing by right in the middle of the shot. While everyone else is having fun she seems to disapproving of it all. You just never know what’s going on in other people’s lives!

All of the photos on our website are of real events, so take a look and you will see lots of teams having fun in locations around the UK and Europe. We hope to be welcoming you onto one of our Treasure Hunts soon.


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