About our Treasure Hunts

Each of our treasure hunts is in some way unique, giving them a bespoke feel for each participant. However, there are rules and principles that are applied to every event that we run to ensure that the end experience is safe, well organised and above all else great fun.

The treasure hunt is a multi task challenge, so teams have to organise themselves and manage limited resources including time and equipment. A digital camera is supplied for photos which must be taken and also fun shots of the event. These photos are put on a CD and sent to you after the event so you can use them in your newsletters.

Professional Treasure Hunt Organisers

Through more than 2,000 events over nearly two decades we have experienced, learned and perfected our product. We have, for example, a little trick to ensure that teams separate and then meet at various locations - adding to the fun as they cross paths without following each other around.

We have themes and we can work creatively on new themes. We can include corporate information or we can reflect business objectives through an effective and fun medium.

We love running treasure hunts.

Treasure Hunt Events
Twin Oaks Lodge, Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LS